What is Hit List


Every week we pick the top 2O songs submitted to go on “Hit List” which is a weekly email that we send directly to all of our Artists, Producers, Major and Indie Label A&R Executives and Music Supervisor contacts to review for the projects they are currently working on. Then at the close of each month we set up one on one meetings with Artists, Producers, A&R Executives or Music Supervisors and pitch the top 10 songs of the Month Face to Face.

Please note that all songs approved do get pitched but the Hit List Top 20 & Top 10 songs get moved to the top of the stack. This opportunity is designed to push our songwriters to always give us their best and to show the music industry as a whole on a weekly basis that we have a team of songwriters that is consistently delivering quality music! 

2019 Grammy Nominated Country Album of the Year

2019 Grammy Nominated Bluegrass Album of the Year

1,000,000 copies sold Platinum award