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Song Placement Pros: A division of Merf Music Group

How It All Works

What We Do

Song Placement Pros is a division of MMG and represents the Indie songwriters who are looking to grow their network, develop their songwriting skills, and or looking for formal representation. 


Our overall goal is to give the songwriter that wants to be a pro, the forward momentum they need, by providing them with the tools and team to be successful in today's marketplace. We start by helping them be the best they can at their craft through guidance, constructive song evaluation, education, and encouragement. Then we equip them with a successful team to not only chase their dream but to help them catch it. 

Quality is first
We pitch only exceptional and quality songs and instrumental to our clients, which is making us one of the most sought-after companies to go to for great songs worldwide.

Are work tapes okay?
Yes, they are fine for evaluation submissions, and to run your ideas past us. Please note for all Hit List submissions your demo must be at minimum a quality guitar or piano vocal demo. 

Our Mission Statement at Song Placement Pros division

With the music business constantly evolving, it’s so important to stay ahead of the curve and know the playing field. At SPP, we give you the advantage and the momentum all songwriters need and desire when seeking out representation to help them navigate their careers by providing them with the tools and opportunities most songwriters can only get if they have a publishing deal, while giving the songwriter 100% ownership and control of their copyright on all songs we get placed.


While we represent the Pro Songwriters and pitch their catalogs for them, we also hard focus on songwriter development for the beginner and intermediate songwriters as well. Our goal is to educate, equip, encourage and engage with them and help them understand how much the publishing/songwriting business has changed in the past few years, and how to work that change to their advantage in today's climate. 

Music Writer


As NSAI so eloquently put it "It all begins with the song". At SPP, we take that to the next level by actually diving in with the songwriters and helping them be the best they can be at their craft through guidance, constructive song evaluation, education, and encouragement. Then we equip them with a successful team to get the music heard! 


Make no mistake., this is "Not an elevator to success". When you join The SPP Team, you can't just pitch any song and expect it to get it heard.  Like the saying goes on to say, "You have to take the stairs” when it comes to being successful in the music business. 


If your songs are not ready, we tell you why, and how to get them to a level where they can compete.  Once they are up to speed, we move them forward to be heard. The process is the same as it is in a formal publishing deal. Songwriters write a group of songs, we diamond mine those songs for the gems, and those are the songs that turn the most revenue for you in the end game, giving your catalog tangible value.  Like it or not, the honest truth is there is a high bar to meet, and we have to meet it as well, or we don't get invited back to continue playing songs for the industry pros. This requires a lot of dedication and hard work from both of us. If you're willing to put the time and energy into this, we are too, and together we can chase your dream and hopefully catch it! 


Your Job is to make sure we get quality songs from you. Our Job is to work on those songs with you if needed to make sure they are ready to compete. Once they're ready, then we get them in front of the decision-makers and try and land a cut or placement for you. 


What makes us different from any other service like us? 

We are reachable, you can usually get an answer to your questions most of the time in a 24- 48-hour period. Secondly, we help the songwriter grow through our tiered structure, those tiers are, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. This helps the songwriter go from being a talented hobbyist to a pro songwriter that is creating songs with other pro-songwriters, signed major and indie label recording artists, as well as pitching their songs to music supervisors for sync license opportunities. 


How does the tiered system work and how does SPP help me as a songwriter? 

This service is for the Songwriter and the Artist/Songwriter that doesn't have a publishing deal who are seeking publishing representation, and for new indie publishers needing to get their foot in the door to start building relationships and a network for their songwriters. 


For the individual songwriter, you start with 4 song submissions per month with 4 pitch opportunities per song, giving you a total of 16 pitch opportunities per month. Once we see you are submitting quality songs on a regular basis and your songs are getting some attention, then we bump you up to our platinum songwriter status which allows you to submit 8 songs per month with 4 opportunities per song giving you a total of 32 pitch opportunities per month. Once we land a cut with a major label artist or a sync placement with a major network, you are then promoted to our diamond songwriter status, and the monthly fee is waived and we work for a percentage of overall inflows only moving forward. 


Note: Once you've achieved diamond status you will remain on that level moving forward and work from a percentage as long as you are a member of the MMG /SPP team. 


From day 1, we listen to your songs and start working with you on getting them ready to compete. If they come to us ready to pitch and the opportunity is available, then we pitch them to that artist or sync license opportunity right away and represent you as one of our Merf Music / SPP division songwriters. 


We are all about being there in the trenches with you during the long haul, as well as celebrating with you when you make it to the finish line. But be advised this business is not for the faint of heart and much like baseball, the best of the best in this business strike out 70% of their career. Having that knowledge will help you get through the hard times this business makes all of us go through and will give you’re the strength to persevere knowing you're not alone on this journey.


How much does this service cost? 

The SPP division of Merf Music Group is a songwriter development and song placement service, meaning...we provide a service for songwriters who want to have representation. Our fee for that service is $40 per month and includes: 


Services include: 

  • A Platinum-selling, 3-time Grammy-nominated, award-winning publisher to represent you and your music

  • Access to an award-winning creative team to work with you

  • An A&R team

  • Up to 4 songs pitches per month with 4 opportunities per song totaling 16 pitch opportunities per month from our real-time project listings 

  • Unlimited submissions to our weekly opportunities posted in the weekly newsletter

  • Pro song pluggers

  • Song cataloging options

  • Advancement opportunity (advance from paying a monthly membership fee to SPP working your songs for a percentage) 

  • Full ownership and control of your music copyright and master rights

  • Non-exclusive pitch opportunities

  • Song status reports upon request

  • Teaching tools

  • Access to your SPP team anytime via email, zoom calls or scheduled phone calls 

  • Instant access to real-time project listings for artist and sync placement opportunity listings

  • Songwriter networking opportunities 

  • Mentorships opportunities (connect with a hit songwriter and discuss your songs and how you can improve your craft)

  • Weekly Newsletter 

  • Having your music catalog accessed by Major Record Labels, Producers, Music Supervisors for Major TV networks and Steaming Services, Advertisings Firms, and other Media around the world

  • General Music business council and advice (upon request) 

  • Personal assistance if you need help with anything with a response time of 24 hours on the weekdays and 24 to 48 hours on the weekends

  • Services Directory (featuring demo singers, production teams, promotion teams, and more)

  • Song evaluation services 

  • Discounts on industry events 


For the Indie Publisher representing multiple songwriters, we have the Publisher Pro Package. For information about this package send us an email to and let us know that you would like some information on how the publisher pro package works and we’ll get that to you right away. 



NOTE: SPLITS ONLY APPLY when the song has been cut and or placed with an artist or sync opportunity due to efforts done on the part of MMG/ SPP and or its affiliates and the song has been scheduled for release to the general public. 


Artist Cuts

90% Songwriter / 10% MMG/SPP of all inflows via LOD (letter of direction) for a 5-year term 


Administration is the songwriter’s responsibility 

OPTIONAL (MMG/ SPP/ will admin the song exclusively through our company for 15% for a 5-year term upon request) 


Sync Placements 

50% songwriter / 50% MMG/SPP for sync license fee (front end payment) 

100% Songwriter (back-end payment) 


Administration is the songwriter’s responsibility 

OPTIONAL (MMG/ SPP/ will admin the song exclusively through our company for 15% for a 5-year term upon request) 



Our 10% is paid directly to us via a letter of direction (LOD) that we send out to the PRO's, labels, and networks, etc. for the term (see terms and conditions) and only applies to songs that we get cut. The 10% reverts to the songwriter or the owner of the copyright at the end of the term. 


Copyright Ownership

You will always own your songwriter's share and your publisher's share and have full control of your copyright to pitch it anywhere you want by anyone you want.


If you have any general music business questions or publishing and admin questions, we are here for you... 

If you have a song you are thinking about demoing but are not sure if the time is right, we will take a listen and let you know if we would spend the money on that song for a demo or not and why. We are your team, and we want to see you succeed and reach your highest potential.


Our creative team treats you just like one of our own staff songwriters. 

If we hear an exceptional song, we pitch it. But if we think a song needs work, we talk to you about what we feel the strong and weak points are,  and suggest changes. Once we both feel it represents you well as a songwriter and us as your representation, then we move forward and pitch your song for you.


We offer educational video links periodically in our newsletters and courses in our Songwriter Tools tab, giving you access to learn from successful music industry professionals to help you improve your craft and to give you some insight into how the songwriting and publishing business operates.


For your convenience, there is a sync license checklist, work for hire, and clearance PDF forms in Member Dashboard. You may need these when pitching your song to a sync license opportunity if you’ve hired musicians, singers, or producers to record your tracks. If you need assistance, we are happy to walk you through the process.


If you are pitching for sync opportunities, we have a metadata service we can refer you to that will enter all your info on your catalog of MP3's so your songs are ready to pitch for sync for a very affordable price. 


We let you know about upcoming networking events 

These events include Network building, webinars, seminars, music industry panels, and festivals when you sign up to our free mailing list. You can do that on the new website at starting in September 2021 


We share music industry protocol

The do's and don'ts of the music and film sync business and how to approach music industry professionals successfully.


We offer tips and advice 

All you need to do is ask, and we’ll be happy to give you advice and tips to help you make the decisions you need to make to help you move forward productively and successfully toward your goals in the music industry. 


We would love the opportunity to work with you. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us on our contact page or the "Let's Chat!" and I'll be happy to answer them for you there. 


To try out our monthly membership click the link below: 

Our Credentials

Merf Music Group is a Grammy Nominated, CMA nominated, Platinum Record selling and ACM album of the year award-winning Publishing and Artist/Songwriter Development Company.

30 plus Major
Label Cuts


Miranda Lambert

Ashley McBryde

Thomas Rhett

Trisha Yearwood

Eric Church

and more...

Major Selling Artists & Indie Label Cuts


Trent Tomlinson

Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen

William Clark Green

Grammy nominated Blue Grass band "Sister Sadie"

Gary Chapman

(The Voice’s) Gwen Sebastian, Red Marlow, Jesslee

Awards & Nominations


 3 Grammy Nominations

1 Emmy Nomination

ACM album of the year

#1 Billboard Album

Certified Platinum Album

CMA Award Nominations

ACM Award Nominations

Sync Placements

with Networks and Projects Including

Netflix, A&E, The Discovery Network, TNT, CMT, NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, TV GUIDE, Willie George Ministries, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Independent film scores, multiple local and national advertising placements.

Artists, MMG Staff, & Mentor Partners Our Team Have Worked With

































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